Annette Krauss, Site for Unlearning

Annette Krauss, Site for Unlearning (Art Organization), CASCO Utrecht

15th February-15th May 2015, Casco, Office for Design, Art and Theory, Utrecht

Site for Unlearning is an ongoing, collaborative research project by artist Annette Krauss that takes place in various situations. Its point of focus is how to question social norms and structures that we internalize, and thereby sustain. Krauss deploys “unlearning” as a tool to collectively reflect on our (unconsciously developed) habits, so that we can adapt our ways of behaving and thinking towards a more common practice. A key question for her is how to “unlearn one’s privileges” (Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak). This is not meant to be taken as turning our backs on these privileges in the first place; rather, the aim is to think how these might help us in individual and communal ways of envisioning non-capitalist futures that embrace social values like care relations, reproductive labour and collective responsibility to fight racism, sexism and classism.


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