Anna T. – Spaces | Sound – ORFIII Broadcast

Anna T. – Spaces | Sound, Video, 2015

Anna T.’s video project is a quiet documentation of the interaction between physical space, language, and the social space language produces in particular. The artist uses imagery from a variety of physical spaces, private, public, outdoors or indoors, all of which relate in some -direct or indirect- way to cultural production and language.

The footage take us from empty theater stages and concert halls, to academic spaces, public gardens, and private kitchens. Most of the action happens off screen, as we never get to see the bodies that interact with the space and produce sounds, murmur, chatter, or give filming instructions. T. produces tension by juxtaposing highly aestheticized shots with “accidental” failures be they in sound (picking up something they shouldn’t?) and a documentation of her own insecurities and thoughts during the making of this project thus shattering the “(b)anality” of the imagery.

Broadcast: Thursday April 23rd, 2015 at 23:30


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