Rojda Tugrul

Reason to Believe – The Function of Political Myths in Today’s Political Culture Within Kurdistan
In order to address the questions relating to the functionality of political myths, I will concentrate my research on Kurdistan, and examine in depth the legend of ‘Newroz’ (A myth which is at the root of Kurdish identity). I will consider its effect within Kurdish culture, and ask if it is as a myth detached from historical events. For my research I propose to observe the relationship between Newroz and the Kurdish Worker Party (PKK) movement, and examine if Newroz itself became a rooted mythological answer for the PKK, or whether myths such as Newroz transform to suit modern political ideologies? My work will be based on research analysis and my findings will culminate in a practical realisation through visual art works.
Key Words: Kurds, Mythology, Newroz, PKK, Political Myth.
Rojda Tugrul is an interdisciplinary artist from Diyarbakir, primarily working on research based theories concerning identity in relation to space – Her projects generally examine this binary relationship through photography and audiovisual installations. Following an MS in Veterinary Science she graduated from Mardin Artuklu University in 2016, with an MA in Fine Art. Previously her work has been exhibited in Germany and Turkey.
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