Anca Benera

Debrisphere. Landscape as an Extension of the Military Imagination

I am interested in the intersections between art, spatial practice and environmental politics. My research-based work reveals the ecologies of power and invisible patterns that lie behind certain historical, social, or geopolitical narratives, where the making and marking of landscape (as a form of spatial modification) goes hand in hand with heightened state violence and the overexploitation of resources.
Debrisphere is the yet-unnamed stratum of the Earth crust, a supra-stratum of the Lithosphere—rubble mountains, “blooming deserts”, military coral reefs, and other similar constructions—resulting from or still serving conflict and war around the world.
The direction in which the world is currently evolving produces highly uneven geographies. Under the current decline of natural ecosystems and environmental devastation, my PhD research seeks to understand how the debris of the present and the traces of destruction are inherently intertwined with geographies of power and inequality on a global scale.
Debrisphere is an umbrella title for a body of work I have been developing in collaboration with Arnold Estefan, since 2017. It was a commissioned project by Mumok for the exhibition Naturgeschichten. Spuren des Politischen and developed since then in various formats of research. The PhD research (re)articulates and extends this ongoing project, structured on five Theater of Operations : Land, Ocean & Sea, Air, Outer Space, and Data.

The Last Particles (detail from the installation), credits photo: Fanny Trichet, FRAC des Pays de la Loire
Anca Benera collaborates with Arnold Estefan as artist duo, working across installation, drawings, video and performance. Their works have been shown at Migros Museum Zurich, Istanbul Biennial, Palais de Tokyo Paris, The Jewish Museum New York, Kunsthalle Wien, MUCEM Marseille,, and Camden Arts Center London, to name but a few.
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