Frames of Reference, Sites of Research

A Series of Talks on Institutional and Self-Organized Knowledge Production in the Arts

The intention behind this series of talks is to initiate dialogues with individuals, collectives, organizations and spaces which partake in networks of non-aligned knowledge production and self-determined pedagogies. In the course of the recent debates around artistic research, the history and present of the various brands of ‘self-organization’ and ‘new institutionalism’ and their epistemic politics have been somewhat absent. Hence, Frames of Reference, Sites of Research – very much in sync with a conception of research pursued by the Center for Art/Knowledge (CAK) – is conceived as an attempt to contest and change the current conditions of institutionalized academic research (and teaching) in the arts. The talks are motivated by an interest to learn about and from the practical experiences and conceptual strategies engendered by those frames of reference and sites of research that render a potential outside of the Academy. Likewise it is considered crucial to foster a critical stance in regard to any clear-cut topology of ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ of the institution.
Manoa Free University, “W…WirWissen”, and Others: Omniscient Garbage Dumps
Anton Vidokle | Exhibition as School…