Upcoming Events




‘A Turtle in Ten Seconds’

Link to Zoom: https.//akbild-ac-at.zoom.us/j/98126388608 (Meeting-ID: 981 2638 8608)

The PhD in Practice welcome you to one of their Fantastic Weekdays events where one of the candidates presents part of their artistic research to an open audience‭. ‬Join us for screenings‭, ‬performances‭, ‬and discussions‭!
PhD in Practice‭ – ‬Room 4.18.6‭, ‬4th floor‭, ‬Building A‭, ‬Augasse 2-6‭, ‬1090‭ ‬Vienna
All fall 2020 Fantastic Wednesdays will take place online (link will be posted here close to the event):
October 14th, 6pm
November 18th, 6pm
December 16th, 6pm
January 13th, 6pm




Phd in Practice Information meeting / Application 2021

In advance of the Phd in Practice application process 2021, the program invites potential and interested applicants to two online information sessions where you will have the opportunity to meet and interview the two program leaders and professors, Anette Baldauf and Renate Lorenz, as well as current candidates of the program. Due to the current situation around covid-19, both information meetings will take place online.
People interested in participating are asked to pay attention that the zoom link to the online meeting is posted here one day before the event.
The dates for the info-meetings are:
  • November 18th, 2020: 5pm 
  • January 13th, 2021: 5pm
Link to Zoom: https://akbild-ac-at.zoom.us/j/95809018881 (Meeting ID: 958 0901 8881)