Baldauf/ Lorenz: Winter Semester 2014/15

Focus Week October
The seminar of the October focus week is prepared by Fernanda Nogueira and Sandra Monterroso and focuses on the concept of the undercommons, an term brought forth by Fred Moten and Stefano Harney in their book The Undercommons. Fugitive Planning and Black Study (2013). The concept of the undercommons responds to the crisis of today’s universities, its proliferation of capitalist logistics, mechanisms of control and the management of pedagogy. It is a call for study as counterinsurgency – as appropriation, hiding and stealing.
In addition: In October the first round of defensios take place: Ana Hoffner, Michael Bears and Elske Rosenfeld exhibit, present, discuss and defend their final work.
Focus Week November
The seminar of the focus week in November is dedicated to the preparation of our excursion to Budapest. Prepared together with Zsuzsi Flohr we hope to learn more about the recent neoliberal restructuring of the city landscape, including the field of the arts, culture as well as the politics of migration, and the workings of initiatives that attempt to counter these developments.
Focus Week December
The focus week in December is dedicated to the needs of the third and fourth year candidates of the program, who are working on their dissertations and phd projects. The seminar will provide a context to reflect on the task of writing in general and more specifically on writing an abstract and, related, the different ways of constructing an argument.
In addition, building on the October focus week on the undercommons, Stefano Harney, co-author of the Undercommons will offer a lecture as well as a workshop for PhD candidates on the relationship between the undercommons and the university.
Focus Week January
During the focus week in January we will participate in a conference, initiating the collaboration between the Academy of Fine Arts and Alle School of Art and Design at the University of Addis Ababa. The conference is, provisionally, called: The Enigma of the New and the Modern reflects on relationship between modernization, urbanization and possibilities of artistic interventions.
As always in January, we will also prepare, present and perform contributions that are closely related to the individual PhD projects for the Rundgang (the Academy-wide presentation of projects and classes).
Spring Break
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