Baldauf/Lorenz: Summer Semester 2013


The starting point of the seminar was the notion that social hierarchies and the maintenance of normalcy are supported by temporal structures and patterns. These dominant temporalities have been called “chrononormativity“ (Elizabeth Freeman) or “straight time“ (Judith Jack Halberstam). Chronopolitics is conceived as a term which addresses possible interventions into and shifts of dominant time.

The seminar pursued a debate around chronopolitics from four–quite different–angles: In March the seminar started with an introductory session about different figures of temporality (temporal drag, anachronism, the chronic, urgency). In April the seminar was organized around a seminal text by Kaja Silverman and explored the connections between the field of vision, subjectivity, and the temporal. In May the question of the future/science fiction was taken up. How is it called up differently by the political agendas of the so-called queer antisocial debate (Lee Edelman), by feminist materialists (Donna Haraway), and a queer black longing for a different time (Sun Ra/Kodwo Eshun). In June we discussed about embodiment and the question how past acts of violence are memorized by the body and what a concept of embodiment and change might look like. The seminar encouraged participants to prepare the afternoon sessions with own materials which are linked closely to their individual research/art practices.

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