Fantastic Monday: March 18th: Elske Rosenfeld


March 18th—DG12—Schillerplatz 3—Academy of Fine Arts Vienna—phd-in-practice
7pm — a lecture performance — by Elske Rosenfeld
Revolutionary Bodies. Artistic Practices and the Embodied Experience of the Political Event
A visual/performance lecture assembles found footage and materials from my own work to configure the revolutions and uprisings of 2011, those in Eastern Europe in 1989, and the events of 1968 as a recurrent revolutionary outside to the political status quo, and looks at how revolutions/ political events are constituted and remembered through bodies and passed on by physical mimicry. How can I construct an artistic practice around these histories that configures the body as a disruptive political force that can open up spaces of openness and potentiality?
Elske Rosenfeld (born 1974 in Halle/Saale) lives and works in Vienna and Berlin and is currently a participant in the PhD in Practice program at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and a recipient of a DOC-Fellowship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Her work addresses the relationship between specific historical events and contemporary scenarios of political action and the potential for political change. Using archival material from the history of the state socialisms of Eastern Europe and their forms of dissidence, as well as her own biographical investment in these, she reworks the juncture between the utopian promise of the political project of communism and the concrete mechanisms of its failure as a space from where to reconstruct concepts of the political for the present day.
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