Fantastic Wednesday: December 12th: Till Gathmann

December 12th—DG12—Schillerplatz 3—Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
7pm — a lecture performance — by Till Gathmann
Tagesreste / Nacktgedanken
“An unconscious ideas is such quite incapable of entering the preconscious and (…) it can only exercise any effect there by establishing a connection with an idea which already belongs to the preconscious, by transferring its intensity onto it and by getting itself ‘covered’ by it. Here we have the fact of transference.”
Oskar precedes Otto, although Otto actually precedes Oskar; Otto is less interesting to me than Alfred, and John for sure [or is it the other way around?].
fig.: F. T. Marinetti, Parole in libertà (sheet 68)
Till Gathmann (born 1977; lives and works in Leipzig) engages with problems of form, content, and historicity in art, typography,
and book design.
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