Lorenz: Wintersemester 2011/12


The seminar challenged the notion of ‘ableism’–a set of social norms that define and constrain the appearance and skills of the ideal body in a neoliberal society–by confronting it with Judith Butler’s concept of the ‘ec/static’ self. The ec/static self is not only vulnerable and dependent on others, but also carried away by passion and pleasure–it creates a subjectivity ‘outside oneself’. The seminar dealt with art works that dismiss not only the norms connected to ableism (and as well ‘able’ formats of critique, politics and resistance) but that also make use of the work of desire, of unhappy archives or a surplus of meaning, that may destroy social norms or that may even produce something new, something else. Thus, the seminar strived to allow for a complex critique of the concept of ‘ableism’ but also to open up possibilities of an (art) practice beyond: maybe an ec/static one.

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