FANTASTIC WEDNESDAY – June 17th 2015 – 6pm: a presentation by Fernanda Nogueira

FANTASTIC WEDNESDAY – PhD in Practice – DG 12 – Schillerplatz 3 – Academy of Fine Arts
On the Wednesdays of the once-monthly seminar weeks, the PhD in Practice opens its doors to the Academy, friends, and other interested people from 6pm till 9pm. Program participants (individually or collaboratively) use DG 12, one of the attics at the academy, to present their work in progress and experiment with different formats of presentation. Come and join!
June 17th 2015 – 6pm: a presentation by Fernanda Nogueira
Topos of Desire.  Fictional Genealogies of Southern Pornographies
Why an artistic manifestation is kept out of History? […] What kind of operations are implied in making the memories public? […] How to keep the disruptive power of such actions, which took place in the past, in the present times?
This presentation will be dedicated to tell the story around the research of the quasi-known Porn Art Movement in BraZil, its counter-methodologies, experiences, and affects. Moreover, an ephemeral constellation of poetic and performative practices imaginarily connected to this movement will be drawn during the session.
Fernanda Nogueira is a researcher, art historian and literary critic, working on translation in broad terms.
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Image: The Gang during the performance “Interversion” at Ipanema beach, 1982. Photo: Belisário Franca. Published in Eduardo Kac & Cairo Assis Trindade (ed.), Antolorgia. Arte Pornô. Rio de Janeiro, Ed. Codecri, 1984.
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