Baldauf/Lorenz: Fall term 2015/16

OCTOBER – Focusweek
Dissertationseminar 1

October 19th-23rd

INCURSION: Aula of the Academy of Fine Arts – During the week of 19th-23rd Oct 2015 PhD in Practice will facilitate an open workspace in the Aula of the Academy of Fine Arts. As implied in the word “incursion” in the course of these five days we will look into what is already there and what can be shared from our current work processes and ideas. We aim to create a working space that is self-structured, self-organized and open to contributions from anyone. You as a student of the Academy or member of its faculty or as an outsider to the Academy are cordially invited to join this process by establishing your own space in the Aula and sharing some of your ideas, practices or works with others. The materials and structures available in the Aula will be a common resource for all who join to create whatever is needed to facilitate this process. The schedule for this week will be developed by its participants.

NOVEMBER – Focusweek

Dissertationseminar 2

November 10th-13th

This seminar addresses PhD-, doctoral and other advanced students, who are interested in learning more about the art field in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Elizabeth Giorgis, director of the New Museum of Art in Addis Ababa and lecturer at the Ale School of Fine Arts at the University of Addis Ababa, and Yohannes Mulat Mekonnen, student at the Ale School, introduce us to Ethiopian art history, art education and the making of art in a city that is currently submitted to aggressive transformation. The seminar is a preparatory workshop for the program’ excursion in December 2015.
First meeting: Nov. 10th, 10am, PhD in Practice, DG 12

DECEMBER – Focusweek

Dissertationseminar 3

December 12th-19th

Excursion Addis Ababa

JANUARY – Focusweek
Dissertationsseminar 4

January 19th-22nd

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