Zosia Hołubowska

Creating queer safer spaces through music

My artistic research project combines ethnomusicology, queer theory and music activism. The methodological framework situates it between queer phenomenology, radical empiricism and perfomativity studies. This informs my methods that focus on singing, ethnomusicological archives query and sonic narration writing. The focus of my examination is the connection between the experience of traditional music and the process of creating queer safer spaces. The project will open the space for both artistic research and experiments on singing as an analytical method. The aim of the research is to contribute to understanding of music as both a research method and a community-building space. My main research methods are sound performances and installations, music workshops for women and queer identitied folks Sounds Queer?, active bands and a platform for supporting queers and girls on diy music scenes Collective Tantrums.

Zosia Hołubowska is the second-year student at the PhD art in practice program and participating in Ethnomusicology post-graduate program at the Warsaw University. She graduated in Cultural Anthropology at the University of Copenhagen and Ethnology at the Warsaw University. She has been involved in independent music scene for over 10 years, singing and playing in bands, organising shows, festivals and music workshops and booking tour for bands.
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