Nicole Suzuki

Un/learning writing, reading, publishing
A critical dissection of the art and politics of knowledge production
in, through and beyond written texts
(Written) text has a powerful influence on frames of public reception
and debate. Especially printed and published texts are considered to be
important arbiters of facts and conveyors of knowledge. However,
established conceptions of how writing (and reading) should work as well
as dominant publishing practices are based on powerful norms, which, if
unchallenged, serve to reproduce epistemic violence at the expense of
positions that are outside the norm, especially with regard to race,
gender and sexuality.
This project is based on a broader notion of how writing and reading
work, which goes beyond dominant conventions, and it intends to reflect
how publishing practices and the medium of the book are entangled with
structures of power and violence.
It is aimed at the question of how un/learning in this regard can be
aided by working with text and language visually and by using strategies
from the field of conceptual art. By doing so, I seek to test, shift and
shape paradigms of narrative control and the dissemination of knowledge.
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