Ola Hassanain

Back and Forth: Space, Policies, and Women
Ola Hassanain’s work examines  the dynamics by which  state policies regulate perceptions of  gender experience in public space. The  project  Back and Forth: Space, Policies, and Women  will attempt to develop phases to in the research that imagine policy in the form of a public “spatial conversation” and thus, shift the site of policy creation from the private to public sphere. This shift aims to mediate active roles for those affected by existing policies in imagining new possibilities of political dialogue. The project zooms in on NGOs as an example of policy-making spaces that use echo the ‘state’  through their reductive aesthetic representations, notably in gender-oriented publications, to also shape perceptions of gender. This research will attempt to stage  a counter-strategy of exchange with NGOs, which re-articulates the hegemonic relations and narratives between gender, space, and policy.


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