Baldauf: Winter term 2019

Focusweek January:
Tuesday: 10am – 1pm: writing workshop, part 1
2pm – 5pm: writing workshop, part 2
Wednesday: 10am – 3pm: writing workshop, part 3
            3pm – 5pm: reflection on Paris
Thursday: Noon – 5pm: workshop on Landscape and Power, with Ayesha Hameed (London)
            5pm: Info Meeting
            6 – 7.30: Fantastic Thursday, with Moira and Ayesha Hameed
            7.30: Rundgang, Drinks and Snacks
Friday: 10am – 1pm: Individual meeting / group meeting
            2pm – 4pm: Ana Defensio (with Milica Tomic as the external appraiser)
    4 – 5pm: reflection
December 2018: Excursion Paris
November 2018: Preparation Paris
Tuesday: 10am – 5pm, with Kapwani – we will start off making a more detailed schedule of the week
Wednesday: 2pm – 5pm, with Kapwani
5pm info meeting, with Anette and Moira
6pm Fantastic Wednesday, Masha
Thursday: 10am – 5pm, with Kapwani
optional: opening Nicole
Friday:  10am – 5pm, with Kapwani
optional: 3pm – 8pm Conference: Tracking the routes of modernism (Mumok)
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