FANTASTIC WEDNESDAY – Jan 11th 2023 – 7pm: Mohamed Abdelkarim

The PhD-in-Practice & Depot-Kunst und Diskussion are looking forward to welcoming you all at our upcoming

Depot – Kunst und Diskussion
Breite G. 3, 1070 Wien

Unbearable future slipping through my fingers // In English

Lecture Performance

Unbearable future slipping through my fingers is the first episode of the umbrella project “Fiction As A Reality We Missed”. The project navigates the practices of world-making from the state and below. The narrative of this lecture performance speculates the future of the infrastructure of the Egyptian space project and scientific research that portrays the state’s imagination. It weaves shrapnels of archival materials, hearsays, rumors, conspiracies, dreams, and events in order to propose a counter-fiction that might be a space to negotiate hope.

Mohamed Abdelkarim, Phd candidate, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna


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