Alfredo Ledesma Quintana

Thinking and Feeling in a Pluriverse.

Opening imaginaries through Body, Monuments and Sound of Voices.

My projects sets out to experiment how art practice as a corporal, reflexive and collective experience can be a tool to study, transmit, reflect, experience and learn from diverse (traditional) worldviews and different forms of relational coexistence. It aims at expanding imaginaries of possible alternatives and paths of transformation in face of the current multiple crisis, beyond dualistic society-nature, body-mind perceptions and human-centered perspectives, perceiving animals, plants, rivers, mountains and the wind as non-human beings. My research is further nourished by concepts centering around the idea of a Pluriverse, relational ontologies and the indigeous concept of sentirpensar, highlighting diverse ways of being in the world. Connecting to my personal background, I focus on ancient, lived and changing worldviews and practices of some communities in Peru and on reflections of societal-nature relations in other parts of the world. Informed by indigenous methodologies and art practice, I will elaborate site specific, participatory art projects based on three pillars 1) The study of ancient peruvian cultures and their relations to their surroundings, the revision of visual representations of artefacts, and the creation of artistic performances in archaeological sites. 2) The co-create of monuments with local population in peruvian towns based on reflections on changing local practices and traditions 3) A sound project, inviting participants to connect to sounds of Nature, including human and non-human beings, symbolically representing their relations by the co-creation of a Quipu – an Inkan mode of communication and transmitting information through strings and knots. 

Alfredo Ledesma 2022 – Credits Anna Preiser
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