FANTASTIC WEDNESDAY – January 24th 2024 – 7pm: Angela Anderson

The PhD-in-Practice & Depot-Kunst und Diskussion are looking forward to welcoming you all at our upcoming

Depot – Kunst und Diskussion
Breite G. 3, 1070 Wien

Dissonance and Incommensurability; On value in the age of extraction // In English

Performative Lecture

The precedence of financial value, and economical thinking and logic, has been wholly and manifestly normalized under capitalism. However, this anthropocentric quantitative measurement is increasingly incommensurable with the actual effects of the misogyno-capitalocene. This performative lecture will examine this space of dissonance from a ecosexual feminist perspective, positing a non-anthropocentric queer ethics of value in the face of the multiple human-induced crises that are currently unfolding across the globe.

Angela Anderson, PhD candidate, PhD in Practice, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

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