Annette Krauss

Visions of Unlearning – Unlearning of Visions
How can we understand processes of unlearning and art’s stake in this?
Through my long-term artistic research into normalization processes,
(non-)institutional learning processes and hierarchical knowledge systems I’ve
come to consider unlearning as an active critical interrogation of normative
structures: A process of becoming aware and being accountable for taken for
granted ‘truths’ of theory and practice through getting rid of habits of thoughts
and habits of behaviour. But how to approach the phenomena of unlearning
physically, intellectually, and collaboratively?

 models for thinking

‘models for thinking’, archive drawings, Annette Krauss, since 2012

The project “Visions of Unlearning – Unlearning of Visions” takes up
processes of unlearning both as subject and tool for artistic research. It
addresses the persistence of embodied visions that determine the way we
look upon the world and act in it, while it also aims at developing new visions
of unlearning. By combining artistic research with feminist discourse on
knowledge production, especially the writings of Donna Haraway and Gayatri
Spivak, the aim of this research is to performatively, conceptually and
theoretically ‘work/think’ through processes of unlearning in their sociopolitical,
collaborative and embodied dimensions.


6. How to unlearn2
test-site #1, ‘Unlearn to ride your bike’, videostill, boxing studio Utrecht, 2012