Ingrid Cogne

Displacement(s) as Method(s)

“I see Choreography as a way to create movement and suspension, circulation and time, positioning and displacement in relation to Economy, Knowledge, Work and Individuals. How to work the existing references and formats to displace the information and invite to a rethinking of the self in a common situation?

In my artistic Research titled ”Displacement(s) as Method(s)”, I am questioning the notions of “displacement” on the physical, political and perceptive levels; and of “method” in between theory and practice, process and product.

The “how” occupies a central position in my work. I have tendency to use, propose models to illustrate my positioning and statement always in an “in between”.
My work addresses the notion of materiality and immateriality in relation to time.
Is called the notion of recycling – degradation but also reuse and redoing – of the pieces I realized in the past with an inscription in my current preoccupations. I am questioning the possibility and the “how” materiality and immateriality can, could affect the perception of time.
I am especially interested in the dramaturgic aspects of time in a creative process. In my research I manipulate the factor “space” in order to (re-)create “time”. In my artistic proposals, I play with materiality to tickle the perceptions and representations of immateriality. I am doing choreographies of object and develop a dramaturgy of animism in between spoken and body languages: choreographies of objects that activate choreographies of ideas and vice versa.
I focus on the process and the dramaturgy of existing or created situations. With soft provocation for movement in representations and structures, I am slowly, progressively shaking, shifting perceptions and perspectives.”


Interested in what constitutes the dynamics of meeting, Ingrid Cogne develops formats of open processes – alone or with others – that gather different medias according to the need of the proposals. Those open processes problematize the relation in between – and create a floating definition of – the spectator and the artist subject-object status. Working with expanded choreography, Cogne positions herself through series of artistic proposals. She also develops projects in the context of groups or collaboration and works as invited dramaturge or performer. The artist was born and raised in France.
She graduated in Didactic and Motor Activity in 2001 and defended a master thesis in Dance Anthropology in 2004. In 2011-15: she was junior researcher (PhD in Practice – Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and Doctoral School of Human and Social Sciences – CEAC, University of Lille). In 2015-18: she was a post-doc researcher at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, where she initiated and developed Six Formats (funded by FWF, PEEK AR291) to question formats of presentation, communication, and circulation of knowledge in Arts-based research. In 2017-18, she created the Object of Communication.
Cogne is editor and author of Dansbaren—The Mob without Flash (2016) and For and By Six Formats (2018).