Art in a Knowledge-Based Polis

Application submitted at FWF DK-Plus call 2009
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Tom Holert
Faculty: Prof. Dr. Sabeth Buchmann, Prof. Diedrich Diederichsen, Prof. Dr. Agnieszka Dzierzbicka, Prof. Dr. Marina Gržinić, Prof. Marion von Osten, Prof. Dr. Ruth Sonderegger, a.o. Prof. Dr. Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein
The conceptual launch pad of this application is the far-reaching question that asks in which ways art can be comprehended and described as a specific mode of generating and disseminating knowledge. The members of the multidisciplinary DK-Plus group “Art in the Knowledge-based Polis” are linked by a vital interest in comprehending the genealogy of those significant changes that affect the status, functions and articulations of the visual arts within contemporary globalizing societies. The visual arts, their practitioners as well as their artefacts, have been recognized (and recruited) as representing and embodying the very values and norms which structure the imaginary of knowledge- and image-based societies. However, they do not only perform, willingly or unwillingly, as the avant-garde of flexibilized labour and role models for post-industrial creative economies, they are also highly qualified in observing and analyzing in a self-reflexive manner the social transformations of which they, in different ways, play their own part. The specific “knowledge production” of the visual arts responds to changing regimes of knowledge. The strategies of innovation and critique developed in the course of such responses are the research subject of the proposed DK-Plus. This research enterprise will lay the conceptual ground on which the doctoral candidates may, along the lines of their individual, if networked, projects, build their future professional activities.